Aadhaar Number to be included in the Service Book of the Central Government Employees – DOPT Order

Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training
Block-IV, Old JNU Campus,
New Delhi, November 3rd 2014

Subject: Inclusion of Aadhaar (Unique Identification) number in Service Book of Government  Servants —

The undersigned is directed to invite attention to the provisions of the Supplementary Rules which relate to maintaining records of service of a Government employee. As per provisions of SR 199 every step in a Government servants’ official life must be recorded in his Service Book and each entry attested by the Head Of Office. As per SR 202, Heads of Offices are to obtain the signatures of the Government servants in token of their having inspected their Service Book annually. Further Rule 32 of the CCS (Pension) Rules 1972 povides for issuing a communication on completion of 18 years of service, as part of preparatory work for sanctioning pensionary benefits. The Service Books at present contains details of  bio data, posting details, qualifying service, security details, HBA, CGHS, CGEGIS, LTC, etc.
2. It has been decided to include the respective Aadhaar numbers also of all Government servants in their Service Books. The e-Service Book format already provides fields forAadhaar number of the Government servant.
3. All Ministries/Departments of the Government of India are requested to ensure that the Service Books of all employees have an entry of the employees’ Aadhaar number. The attached and subordinate offices under their control may also be suitably instructed for compliance,
(Mukul Ratra)

SG writes letter to CC-Hyderabad Zone with copy to Chairman and Member-P&V on non-repatriation of tenured completed Superintendents from Vizag Zone to Hyderabad Zone.

Non repatriation of tenure completed Superintendents from Vizag Zone to Hyderabad Zone in the last Promotion-cum-allotment Orders has caused severe disappointment, distress, heartburn, frustration, disdain, demoralisation and disenchantment among the aggrieved officers thus eroding their confidence in the administration. 

AIACEGEO, Hyderabad Zone, as you all know, has spared no effort  and left   no stone unturned  to prevail upon the administration to repatriate all the tenure completed officers but to of no avail unfortunately. It is really unfathomable as to how and why the provisions of the transfer policy could be violated for whatever reason. 

We have taken up this issue at national level. This non-repatriation and violation of provisions of IZT Policy has been pointed out fiercely and forcefully by our General Secretary, Shri A.Venkatesh  in the National Convention held in Daman from 1-11-2014 to 2-11-2014. 

Both SG and President have been requested to take up the matter personally with the Chairman and Member (P&V). Both of them have understood our feelings and promised to take up this sensitive issue separately with the Chairman and Member (P&V) this week itself. 

In the mean time, SG has written letter to our CC with copy to Chairman and Member (P&V) to ensure speedy justice in the matter. We assure our bretheren that we will not take lying down this humiliation and insult and that we will continue to pursue this matter at all levels. 

Copy of the SG letter is published below. 

Letter to CC by SG

Department of Expenditure issues guidelines on austerity measures

Posts that have remained vacant for more than a year are not to be revived –  Austerity Instructions

Government of India
Ministry of Finance Department of Expenditure

North Block,

New Delhi, 29th October, 2014


Subject: Expenditure Management – Economy Measures and Rationalisation of Expenditure.

           Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure has been ‘” issuing austerity instructions from time to time with a view to containing non-developmental expenditure and releasing of additional resources for priority schemes. The last set of instructions was issued on is” September 2013 after passing of the Union Budget. Such measures are intended at promoting fiscal discipline, without restricting the operational efficiency of the Government. In the context of the current fiscal situation, there is a need to continue to rationalise expenditure and optimize available resources. With this objective, the following measures for fiscal prudence and economy will come into immediate effect:-

2.1 Cut in Non-Plan expenditure:

For the year 2014-15, every Ministry / Department shall effect a mandatory 10% cut in non-Plan expenditure excluding interest payment, repayment of debt, Defence capital, salaries, pension and Finance Commission grants to the States. No re-appropriation of funds to augment the Non-Plan heads of expenditure on which cuts have been imposed shall be allowed during the current fiscal year.

2.2 Seminars and Conferences:

(i) Utmost economy shall be observed in organizing conferences/ Seminars/workshops. Only such conferences, workshops, seminars, etc. which are absolutely essential, should be held wherein also a 10% cut on budgetary allocations (whether Plan or Non-Plan) shall be effected.

(ii) Holding of exhibitions/fairs/seminars/conferences abroad is strongly discouraged except in the case of exhibitions for trade promotion.

(iii) There will be a ban on holding of meetings and conferences at five star hotels except in case of bilateral/multilateral official engagements to be held at the level of Minister-in-Charge or Administrative Secretary, with foreign Governments or international bodies of which India is a Member. The Administrative Secretaries are advised to exercise utmost discretion in holding such meetings in 5-Star hotels keeping in mind the need to observe utmost economy in expenditure.

2.3 Purchase of vehicles:

Purchase of new vehicles to meet the operational requirement of Defence Forces, Central Paramilitary Forces & security related organizations are permitted. Ban on purchase of other vehicles (including staff cars) will continue except against condemnation.

2.4 Domestic and International Travel:

(i) Travel expenditure {both Domestic Travel Expenses (DTE) and Foreign Travel Expenses(FTE)} should be regulated so as to ensure that each Ministry remains within the allocated budget for the same after taking into account the mandatory 10% cut under DTE/FTE (Plan as well as Non-Plan). Re-appropriation! augmentation proposals on this account would not be approved.

(ii)While officers are entitled to vanous classes of air travel depending on seniority, utmost economy would need to be observed while exercising the choice keeping the limitations of budget in mind. However, there would be no bookings in First Class.”

(iii) Facility of Video Conferencing may be used effectively. All extant instructions on foreign travel may be scrupulously followed.

(iv) In all cases of air travel the lowest air fare tickets available for entitled class are to be purchased! procured. No companion free ticket on domestic/ international travel is to be availed of.

Creation of Posts

(i) There will be a ban on creation of Plan and Non-Plan posts.

(ii) Posts that have remained vacant for more than a year are not to be revived except under very rare and unavoidable circumstances and after seeking clearance of Department of Expenditure.

3. Observance of discipline in fiscal transfers to States, Public Sector Undertakings and Autonomous Bodies at Central/ State/Local level:

3.1 Release of Grant-in-aid shall be strictly as per provisions contained in GFRs and in Department of Expenditure’s OM No.7(1)/E.Coord/2012 dated 14.ll.2012.

3.2 Ministries/Departments shall not transfer funds under any Plan schemes in relaxation of conditions attached to such transfers (such as matching funding).

3.3 The State Governments are required to furnish monthly returns of Plan expenditure – Central, Centrally Sponsored or State Plan – to respective Ministries/Departments along with a report on amounts ouistanding in their Public Account in respect of Central and Centrally Sponsored Schemes. This requirement may be scrupulously enforced.

3.4 The Chief Controller of Accounts must ensure compliance with the above as part ofpre-payment scrutiny.

4. Balanced Pace of Expenditure:

4.1 As per extant instructions, not more than one-third (33%) of the Budget Estimates may be spent in the last quarter of the financial year. Besides, the stipulation that during the month of March the expenditure should be limited to 15% of the Budget Estimates is reiterated. It may be emphasized here that the restriction of 33% and 15% expenditure ceiling is to be enforced both scheme-wise as well as for the Demands for Grant as a whole, subject to RE ceilings. Ministries/ Departments which are covered by the Monthly Expenditure Plan (MEP) may ensure that the MEP is followed strictly.

The State Governments are required to furnish monthly returns of Plan expenditure – Central, Centrally Sponsored or State Plan – to respective Ministries/Departments along with a report on amounts ouistanding in their Public Account in respect of Central and Centrally Sponsored Schemes. This requirement may be scrupulously enforced.

4.2 It is also considered desirable that in the last month of the year payments may be made- only for the goods and services actually procured and for reimbursement of expenditure already incurred. Hence, no amount should be released in advance (in the last month) with the exception of the following:

(i) Advance payments to contractors under terms of duly executed contracts so that Government would not renege on its legal or contractual obligations.

(ii) Any loans or advances to Government servants etc. or private individuals as a measure of relief and rehabilitation as per service conditions or on compassionate grounds.

(iii) Any other exceptional case with the approval of the Financial Advisor. However, a list of such cases may be sent by the FA to the Department of Expenditure by so” April of the following year for information.

4.3 Rush of expenditure on procurement should be avoided during the last quarter of the fiscal year and in particular the last month of the year so as to ensure that all procedures are complied with and there is no infructuous or wasteful expenditure. FAs are advised to specially monitor this aspect during their reviews.

5. No fresh financial commitments should be made on items which are not provided for in the budget approved by the Parliament.

6. These instructions would also be applicable to autonomous bodies funded by Government of India.

7. Compliance

Secretaries of the Ministries / Departments, being the Chief Accounting Authorities as per Rule 64 of GFR, shall be fully charged with the responsibility of ensuring compliance of the measures outlined above. Financial Advisors shall assist the respective Departments in securing compliance with these measures and also submit an overall report to the Minister-in-Charge and to the Ministry of Finance on a quarterly basis regarding various actions taken on these measures / guidelines.


(Ratan P.Watal)

Source: www.finmin.nic.in

Sri Kaushal Srivastava, Member, is given additional charge as Chairman of CBEC

Shri  Kaushal Srivastava,Member, CBEC is given additional charge as Chairman of CBEC till his regular appointment as the the next chief  replacing the incumbent Ms. J M Shanti Sundharam who is retiring today. 

                                                         Shri Kaushal Srivastava

Income Tax 2014-15 – Exemptions available to Salaried Employees for the Financial Year 2014-15 (Assessment Year 2015-16)

Finance Act 2014 has made following changes relating to determination of Income Tax payable by Salaried Employees, which provide income taxexemption varied from Rs.15,000 to Rs. 30,000 on the basis of taxable income of individual.

1. Taxable Income eligible for full exemption fromincome tax increased from Rs. 2 lakh to Rs. 2.5 lakh

2. Additional deduction of Rs. 50,000 under Section 80 C, CCC, CCD(1):

Deduction allowed under Section 80C, 80CCC, and Section 80 CCD(1) for savings/investments, premium for annuity / pension fund and employee contribution to NPS respectively has been increased to Rs. 1.5 lakh from Rs. 1 lakh (Section 80CCE Limit)

3. Income Tax exemption on Interest paid on housing loan under Section 24 of the Income TaxAct increased from Rs. 1.5 lakh to Rs. 2 lakh

In addition to above three new changes, Income Tax Rebate of Rs. 2000 for taxable income up to Rs. 5 lakh continues this year also under Section 87A of Income Tax Act


Shri Kaushal Srivastava, IRS – Next Chief of CBEC?

Shri  Kaushal Srivastava, Officer of the Indian Customs and  Central Excise Service, is tipped to be appointed as the next chief of the Central Board of Excise and Custom  (CBEC), replacing incumbent Ms. J M Shanti Sundharam who retires this month.

                        Shri Kaushal Srivastava

Shri Kaushal Srivastava, a 1978-batch Indian Customs and Central Excise Service (IC&CES) officer, is currently serving as a Member (budget) with additional charge of computerisation and vigilance.  He is the senior-most in the board after the present Chairperson  J M Shanti Sundharam.

Shri Srivastava, previously held the post of Chief Commissioner, Central Excise, Delhi before joining as a member in CBEC on October 22, last year. A law graduate, Srivastava, will have a tenure of eight months as he will retire on June 30, next year, on his attaining the age of superannuation.

 The CBEC has six members apart from the Chairman and is the apex body for policy and administrative issues related to indirect taxes i.e customs, central excise and service tax.

Two of the six  posts of members are lying vacant in Central Board of Excise and Custom (CBEC) till date.


Central Government Employees Federations to observe Protest Day on 5th December

50% D.A. of Central Staff should be merged with Pay and Interim Relief should be paid to all employees, pending finalisation of the 7th Central Pay Commission


NOCGE – National Organisation of Central Government Employees issued a press release, in which it has been stated that  National Protest day will be observed by all Trade Union Federations on 5th December 2014 to draw the attention of Central Government to resolve the pending issues. All the affiliated unions are asked to observe this protest day on 5th December

Medicines under CGHS can be issued for up to 3 months at a time in chronic diseases and for six months in advance for those going abroad

F.No 2-2/2014/CGHS PPT/CGHS(P)
Government of India
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
Department of Health & Family Welfare



Nirman Bhawan, Maulana Azad Road
New Delhi 110 108

Dated: the 21st October , 2014


Sub- Issue of medicines / reimbursement of expenditure on investigations / treatment procedures / implants and other medical devices under CGHS- regarding

             With reference to the above mentioned subject the undersigned is directed to draw attention to paragraph (c) and (d) of the Office Memorandum of even No dated the 25th August 2014 and to state that in response to the representations received from CGHS beneficiaries in this regard , it has now been‘decided by the competent authority to withdraw the provisions under para (c) and para (d) of the Office Memorandum No 2-2/2014/CGHS HQ/ PPT/CGHS(P) dated the 25th August , 2014 [view] and to restore the status existing prior to the issue of above stated OM dated the 25th August, 2014.

In other words medicines under CGHS can be issued for up to 3 months at a time in chronic diseases on the basis of a valid prescription and for up to 6 months for those beneficiaries who are going abroad, as was the case prior to issue of OM dated 25.8.2014.

Under Secretary to Government of India

Board issues promotion orders to Superintendents as Asst.Commissioners




Board vide Office Order No., 192/2014, dt. 22-10-2014 has issued promotion order to 1863 Central Excise Superintendents and 299 Customs Superintendents as Assistant Commissioners on in-situ basis.

In Hyderabad CCA 1986 Batch Inspector (OC) is covered i.e. Superintendents prior to 23-9-2002 seems to have been covered.

In Hyderabad CCA 70 Officers have been promoted as ACs. The following is the list of the Officers of Hyderabad CCA who have been promoted as Asst.Commissioners.

1.      64 . B.NARAYANA MURTHY 26-04-1955 08-07-1978 30-09-1993DD 08-07-1978 01-08-1985 VIZAG-I
2      69 CH.SANKARAN RAJU SC 11-07-1962 11-02-1985 01-11-1993DD 11-02-1985 14-12-1989 HYD-IV
3       71 N.A.J.V.SHYAM BABU SC 22-11-1957 12-02-1985 01-11-1993DD 12-02-1985 14-12-1989 HYD-II
4     72 SHAIK MASTAN VALI 21-06-1957 06-07-1983 01-03-1994DD 06-07-1983 14-12-1989 VIZAG-I
5     73 A.NATARAJ 10-07-1956 14-11-1983 20-06-1994DD 14-11-1983 14-12-1989 HYD-I
6     74 G.P.VIJAYA KUMAR 15-08-1955 01-08-1975 20-06-1994DD 16-01-1984 15-12-1978 HYD-II
7      75 T.J.S.PRABHAKARAN 18-03-1960 27-02-1984 20-06-1994DD 27-02-1984 14-12-1989 HYD-III
8      76 G.MAN MOHAN 23-06-1962 16-07-1984 20-06-1994DD 16-07-1984 14-12-1989 HYD-I
9      77 V.A.J.BHAGWAN DAS 06-10-1955 21-09-1984 01-07-1994DD 21-09-1984 14-12-1989 HYD-II
10     78 K.VENKATAPPAIAH 11-02-1952 12-09-1984 01-07-1994DD 12-09-1984 14-12-1989 TIRUPATHI Retired on 28-02-2012.
11     79 K.SATYANARAYANA PRASAD 01-06-1953 11-09-1984 01-07-1994DD 11-09-1984 14-12-1989 HYD-III Retired on 31-05-2013
12     80 A.OBED RAJ 24-10-1956 29-11-1980 01-07-1994DD 14-03-1984 14-12-1989 HYD-III
13       81 MEENA R.SINGH 22-07-1955 03-09-1976 01-07-1994DD 01-06-1984 22-12-1981 HYD-III
14       83 T.PRANAVANANDA 17-01-1957 10-09-1982 01-07-1994DD 13-07-1984 14-12-1989 VIZAG-II On Deputation to ADG(Audit), Hyd.
15    84 K.S.G.S.KUMAR 30-12-1958 08-04-1981 01-08-1994DD 01-08-1984 — HYD-III
16    85 BH.V.V.S.BHASKAR 25-07-1955 02-12-1980AN 01-08-1994DD 11-08-1984 — HYD-II
17    86 G.L.N.REDDY 01-04-1956 15-10-1980 01-09-1994DD 24-09-1984 14-12-1989 HYD-I
18    87 V.SREENIVASA RAO 04-11-1960 01-03-1985 01-09-1994DD 01-03-1985 14-12-1989 HYD-II
19    88 N.SATYANARAYANA MURTHY 05-11-1960 27-02-1985 01-10-1994DD 27-02-1985 14-12-1989 GUNTUR
20    90 S.DORA REDDY 15-10-1958 01-03-1985 01-10-1994DD 01-03-1985 14-12-1989 HYD-III
21     91 Y.VENKATARATNAM 20-07-1960 22-02-1985 01-10-1994DD 22-02-1985 14-12-1989 HYD-IV
22    96 K.VIJAYA BABU SC 01-11-1959 13-03-1986 01-12-1994DD 13-03-1986 14-12-1989 HYD-I
23      97 M.RAGHUNATHA BABU ST 15-02-1959 20-01-1986 01-01-1995DD 20-01-1986 14-12-1989 HYD-IV Presently working in SEZ.
24   9 8 P.S.RAJASEKHAR 14-01-1963 11-01-1985AN 01-02-1995DD 11-01-1985 14-12-1989 HYD-I
25    99 N.NAGARAJU 12-10-1957 30-06-1983 01-02-1995DD 07-01-1985 14-12-1989 HYD-I
26    100 M.HANUMANTHA RAO 11-02-1954 12-01-1976 01-03-1995DD 25-05-1985 10-06-1985 HYD-III
27     101 P.SUDHAKAR REDDY 08-07-1960 02-11-1983 01-07-1995DD 02-11-1983 14-12-1989 HYD-III
28     102 P.V.RAMANA 16-12-1960 08-12-1980 14-06-1995DD 10-06-1985 14-12-1989 HYD-I
29 103 S.KRISHNA MURTHY 19-04-1954 02-06-1982 14-06-1995DD 15-07-1985 14-12-1989 GUNTUR
30       104 B.TIRUPATHI RAO 15-07-1957 29-04-1982 14-06-1995DD 15-07-1985 14-12-1989 HYD-III
31     105 S.MURALIKRISHNA 28-12-1955 21-02-1980 14-06-1995DD 08-08-1985 14-12-1989 HYD-IV
32     106 P.CHANDRASEKHAR 08-05-1957 30-05-1983 14-06-1995DD 13-09-1985 14-12-1989 HYD-IV
33         107 A.DULIP 04-05-1963 25-10-1985 01-07-1995DD 25-10-1985 14-12-1989 VIZAG-I
34     109 B.RAMACHANDRA RAO 16-07-1960 31-10-1985 01-07-1995DD 31-10-1985 14-12-1989 HYD-I
35            110 T.S.S.N.RAVI PRASAD 01-06-1962 18-10-1985 01-07-1995DD 18-10-1985 14-12-1989 HYD-IV
36       111 Y.V.V.SATYANARAYANA 02-05-1961 04-11-1985 01-07-1995DD 04-11-1985 14-12-1989 VIZAG-II
37      112 D.VISWANATHAN 08-05-1955 14-12-1978 01-08-1995DD 15-10-1985 14-12-1989 HYD-II
38           113 S.SRINIVAS REDDY 28-09-1961 24-10-1985 01-08-1995DD 24-10-1985 14-12-1989 GUNTUR
39         114 MANJU VERMA(MANJU
40          115 G.UDAY KUMAR 12-04-1961 08-11-1985 01-09-1995DD 08-11-1985 14-12-1989 HYD-II
41         116 CH.MOULY RAO SC 09-06-1958 10-03-1987 01-10-1995DD 10-03-1987 14-12-1989 HYD-III Presently working in SEZ.
42       117 K.PRAKASA RAO SC 08-05-1960 16.03.1987 01-01-1996DD 16.03.1987 14.12.1989 HYD-I
43      118 P.BASAVA RAO SC 08-06-1959 21-05-1987 01-01-1996DD 21-05-1987 14-12-1989 HYD-I Presently working in SEZ.
44         119 P.BHUVANESWARA RAO 24-06-1961 04-11-1985 19-02-1996DD 04-11-1985 14-12-1989 HYD-I Presently working in SEZ.
45        120 A.RAVI KUMAR REDDY 01-01-1962 25-10-1985 19-02-1996DD 25-10-1985 14-12-1989 HYD-IV On deputation to Enforcement
46        121 K.PUNDARIKA PRASAD 01-07-1961 01-01-1986 19-02-1996DD 01-01-1986 14-12-1989 HYD-II
47          122 G.GOPALAKRISHNA RAO 19-10-1961 23-12-1985 13-06-1996DD 23-12-1985 14-12-1989 HYD-I
48          123 J.V.SRINIVASA CHAKRAVARTHY 01-08-1963 17-03-1986 13-06-1996DD 17-03-1986 14-12-1989 HYD-II
49         124 P.GOPICHAND 08-12-1961 06-03-1986 13-06-1996DD 06-03-1986 14-12-1989 HYD-III
50           125 POORNACHANDRA RAO 05-07-1962 25-02-1986 13-06-1996DD 25-02-1986 14-12-1989 HYD-II
51         126 SUBRATO DUTTA 04-07-1962 04-03-1986 13-06-1996DD 04-03-1986 14-12-1989 HYD-I
52        127 P.SRINATH 01-12-1961 06-03-1986 01-07-1996DD 06-03-1986 14-12-1989 TIRUPATI on deputation to DGCEI,
53         128 C.SRINIVAS 12-05-1961 21-03-1986 01-08-1996DD 21-03-1986 14-12-1989 HYD-I
54             129 D.B.NAGESWARA RAO 28-01-1960 06-03-1986 23-09-1996DD 06-03-1986 14-12-1989 HYD-II
55         130 M.KIRTIVASAN 25-07-1960 10-03-1986 17-12-1996DD 10-03-1986 14-12-1989 HYD-II
56          131 P.V.S.S.SRINIVAS 28-03-1963 27-02-1986 17-12-1996DD 27-02-1986 14-12-1989 HYD-IV
57       1 32 K.SESHAGIRI RAO 01-07-1961 06-03-1986 28-05-1998 06-03-1986 14-12-1989 HYD-I
58        133 B.NARENDRA KUMAR 21-05-1961 08-08-1986 28-05-1998 08-08-1986 14-12-1989 HYD-II
59         134 J.VIJAYA BHASKAR 12-08-1959 13-03-1986 28-05-1998 13-03-1986 14-12-1989 HYD-I
60        135 M.VENKATESWARLU 30-05-1960 04-03-1986 28-05-1998 04-03-1986 14-12-1989 HYD-IV
61       136 S.PRASADA RAO 15-01-1960 28-02-1986 28-05-1998 28-02-1986 14-12-1989 HYD-II
62       137 K.VISHNUDEV REDDY 14-09-1961 03-03-1986 28-05-1998 03-03-1986 14-12-1989 HYD-III Presently working in SEZ.
63 1          38 T.VENKATESWARA RAO 15-06-1960 03-03-1986 29-05-1998 03-03-1986 14-12-1989 TIRUPATHI
64          139 V.V.LAXMI NARASAIAH 02-10-1959 10-03-1986 31-05-2002 10-03-1986 14-12-1989 HYD-III
65      140 D.SAI RAMESH 19-05-1962 06-03-1986 13-05-2002 06-03-1986 14-12-1989 HYD-II
66       141 K.GOPAL RAO 02-05-1959 06-08-1986 28-05-2002 06-08-1986 14-12-1989 HYD-IV
67         142 K.RAMA RAO SC 01-04-1959 17-11-1989 28-05-2002 DD 17-11-1989 14-09-1993 VIZAG-II
68        143 M.CHAKRAPANI SC 25-11-1961 05-10-1989 28-05-2002 DD 05-10-1989 14-09-1993 HYD-II
69           144 T.RAVI VERMA SC 01-01-1965 09-11-1989 28-05-2002 DD 09-11-1989 14-09-1993 TIRUPATHI
70           145 K.RAJASEKHAR REDDY 01-03-1961 09-10-1985 09-08-2002 09-10-1985 14-12-1989 HYD-II





GST Bill in Winter Session? Threshold limit for GST proposed by States too low – FinMin

GST Bill is likely to be introduced in Winter Session of Parliament according to FinMin. Once approved, the Bill would need to be endorsed by at least half of the State Assemblies before it becomes a law. 

The Rs. 10 lakh threshold limit for imposition of GST proposed by States is 'too low' for creating a business-friendly tax administration, according to the Finance Ministry. 

The Empowered Committee on State Finance Ministers have agreed on setting a Rs. 10 lakh threshold limit for general category States and Rs. 5 lakh for special category and North Eastern States.  

GST aimes to subsume Central indirect taxes, such as excise duty and service tax, into a Central GST (CGST) and various States leviess, such as VAT and Central Sales tax into State GST (SGST). 

The Centre has also proposed bringing petroleum products within the GST framework with 'nil' rate, giving flexibility to both the Centre and States to impose duties over and above the GST. However, States want these products to be kept out of the new indirect tax regime. Currently, the Centre levies Customs and Excise duties on petroleum products, while States impose sales tax.  Meanwhile, both the Centre and States seem to agree on keeping alcohol outside GSTs purview.